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The Sight

Valerio Coretti


Valerio Coretti 

Valerio was born in 1994. At a very young age he started being in close touch with art, beauty, photography and literature. All these things together slowly became a way to survive this world for him. That’s why he choose to work with beauty, because beauty is the essence of life itself. Everyday of his life he’s been fed with art and aesthetic and that’s the only way he can stay alive.


The body is a temple, the body is a tomb, the body is a mechanism, the body is a shelter, the body is everything, the body is nothing, the body is celebration, the body is a mean, the body is luxurious, the body is a shrine, the body is immanent, the body is imminent, the body is soul’s case, the body is the only thing we own, the body is…

Photographer: Valerio Coretti

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