ss17 // The Sight // “Silly Stories” of Maria Giulia Giorgiani

The Sight

“Silly Stories”

Maria Giulia Giorgiani


Maria Giulia Giorgiani

Maria Giulia Giorgiani born in Urbino in 1979, graduated from Isia Urbino. Her art has been shown in several magazine and festivals, including International Talent Support in Trieste, where she won the ITS-photo award in 2007. Now living and working in Amsterdam.


Silly stories: twelve still images, with funny and melodramatic lights and colours, as in a Lynch freeze-frame.
The shoes are composed, watching the scene a little stunned, protagonist theirselves of a silly story.
Maria Giulia Giorgiani tells the Peter Non ss17 “Silly Things” collection with freshness and irony:
sets are simple and natural, out from the canonical tracks of aesthetics, smiling and recovering the fun in the research of beauty.
Spontaneity and few rules, no future or past projections, just a free and distracted present.

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